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After discussions with Shamley Green AS match secretary we have agreed an extra set of match day rules.

These rules will be in addition to normal club and competition rules.

1. We must all stay 2 metres apart where possible and 1 metre plus on the odd occasion this is not possible.

2. Everyone must stay at there peg until ALL the weighing in is complete AND NOT FOLLOW SCALES AROUND LAKE.

3. We must empty our own fish into weigh bucket not touching bucket AND RETREAT 2 METRES leaving the match secretary to place bucket on scales and return the fish to the lake.

4. Once the competition has ended it is just as important to stay 2 metres apart whilst loading cars etc.

5. Please listen carefully at the start/draw as extra restrictions could be added on the day.

6. PLEASE we are friendly clubs and if anyone feels someone is starting to forget a gentle reminder might be all that's needed.

7. If anyone is seem breaking these rules they will get a quick reminder/warning before if persisting being disqualified and banned from future matches until these additional rules are eased.


Competitions could easily get banned again if we do not all play our part.

Many thanks,

Martin Lee (Cranleigh Match Sec)


Sunday 28th June

Willinghurst - John's Lake + Shamley Green - B. Burgess Mem Trophy

9.45 am 11-4
Wednesday 1st July

Springbok V Shamley Green

10.45am 12-5
Sunday 19th July Warwick Wold V Shamley Green 9.45 am 11-4
Sunday 26th July Willinghurst - Old Lake V Shamley Green 9.45 am 11-4
Sunday 9th August Warwick Wold Festival Cup V Shamley Green - Festival Cup 9.45 am 11-4
Sunday 16th August Stanbridge View V Shamley Green - Peter Payne Memorial Match 9.45 am 11-4
Sunday 30th August Fishery 1st  Pond - John Hedger Memorial Cup 9.00 am 10-3
Sunday 6th Sept Barnet Pond - J.Welch Memorial Trophy 8.45 am 10-3
Sunday 6th Sept Fishery 1st Pond CLOSED until 5pm - Shamley Green visiting

Sunday 20th Sept Fishery 1st Pond - J.E Memorial Trophy (BIGGEST FISH) 9.00 am 10-3
Sunday 27th Sept Willinghurst - Old Lake V Shamley Green 9.45 am 11-4
Wednesday 7th October Fishery 2nd Pond 10.45 am 12-5
Sunday 18th October Springbok V Shamley Green 8.45 am 10-3
Sunday 25th October Willinghurst - Top Lake V Shamley Green INTERCLUB TROPHY 9.45 am 11-4
Sunday 8th November ....CX/re-scheduled...Fishery 1st Pond - Dennis Collins Memorial Trophy 9.00 am 10-3
Sunday 15th November ....CX/re-scheduled..Springbok V Shamley Green - Vachery Cup 8.45am 10-3
Sunday 29th November ....CX/re-scheduled...Fishery 2nd Pond - Violet Lade Cup 9.00 am 10-3
Sunday 13th December Springbok - John Lee Trophy - Christmas Match 8.45 am 10-3
Sunday 27th December
Sunday 3rd January Fishery 1st Pond - Denis Collins Memorial
9.00 am 10-3
Sunday 17th January Springbok V Shamley Green -  Wyphurst Cup 8.45 am 10-3
Sunday 7th February Fishery 2nd Pond          Stan Hope Joel Cup 9.00 am 10-3
Sunday 21st February Springbok V Shamley Green
8.45 am 10-3
Sunday 7th March Springbok V Shamley Green 8.45 am 10-3
Sunday 28th March Fishery 1st Pond 9.00 am 10-3
Wednesday 31st March Last Day on Fishery
Wednesday 7th April 2021 AGM, Cranleigh Sports & Social Club 8.00 pm