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Rules of the Society (2013)

1. That the society be called "The Cranleigh Angling Society".

2. Full membership is open to all persons over the age of 16 years.

3. That the Committee be elected annually to transact all business in connection with the society.

4. On still waters fishing will be 12 months of the year except on The Fisheries where the closed season will be 1st April to the 31st May inclusive. Although dates may be altered to suit subsequent years for season starting on first weekend in June on the Fisheries.

5. Members must show their membership card to owners, Keepers, Tenant's, or members if asked. Members must carry their card at all times, and only members and authorized guests are allowed on private property. Members  and their guests fish on the society's waters at their own risk.

6. All members are responsible for any litter in their swim - MEMBERS FAILING TO COMPLY WILL BE EXPELLED FROM THE SOCIETY.

7. Courtesy and good behaviour MUST BE SHOWN to owners of our neighbouring properties at all times. No sweetcorn or luncheon meat tins allowed on the bank, please prepare at home.

8. Firearms, Shotguns, Air guns, portable music players*, Dogs and the lighting of fires are strictly prohibited.

* except where earphones are used.

9. (i) No carp, Bream or Pike to be retained in keepnets or carp sacks except on competition days or when a specimen fish is being retained for official weighing. Keepnets must conform to Environment  Agency standards.

9.(ii) In the interests of fish conservation, when pleasure fishing, all keepnets must be emptied at 12pm and 4.00pm.

10. A suitable sized landing net must be assembled and to hand while fishing. For suitable size, please refer to Fisheries rule 18(v). The use of an un-hooking mat is mandatory when fishing for carp; on all waters. Appropriate tackle must be used, relevant to the type and place you are fishing.

11. Only one single hook to be used on any rod in use. ALL HOOKS MUST BE BARBLESS.

12. All trophies remain the property of the society and must be returned to the society by 1st March. Specimen will be awarded only for fish caught on the society's own waters and weighed in on verified scales and have been caught before 1st March. A levy will be charged if trophies are not returned within the required time.

13. All proposals that are to be put to the A.G.M. must be given to the secretary in writing by the 1st February. Amendments to original proposals may be made at an A.G.M.

14. Access to fishing, all waters dawn until dusk, except night permit holders.

15. Only one rod or pole to be used on all waters. Although from 1st October, 2 rods may be used from the same swim. The exception being The Fisheries carp pond where two rods may be used at all times from the same swim.

16. Guest permits can be obtained from the Bailiff(s) in advance, in all cases please refer to the "Special Permit Regulations" in the rule book ( On Webpage below).

17. Rules for juniors

(i)  Junior membership is available to persons under 16 on the 1st June of that year but be over 12 years of age.

(ii)  Juniors may fish unaccompanied at the Fishery, 6.30am (dawn if accompanied by a senior member) till dusk.

(iii)  On all waters except The Fisheries; Juniors must be accompanied by an adult member without exception.

(iv)  Juniors of 12 or over may fish unaccompanied at The Fisheries, although it is strongly advised that they tell a parent or guardian exactly where they will be and for what length of time.

(v)  Up to only two juniors can be under the supervision of one adult and juniors cannot take an adult as a guest. Under 12s must be accompanied by an adult whose permit contains the name of that under 12; under 12s must have their names in that adult's permit.

(vi)   Juniors may only fish The Fisheries Carp pond alone, after showing they are capable of handling large carp. Contact Derek Buxton for details.


18. The Fisheries

(i)  For guest permits please refer to "Special Permit regulations"

(ii)  Night Fishing -  This facility is open to seniors only on any Friday or Saturday night between the hours of 8pm & 8am, no guests. Tickets in advance from the Head Bailiff, no night fishing from 12 midnight on competition and water closed days.

(iii) Bicycles may be brought inside the gate but not against the fences. No motorcycles to be brought into the property.

(iv) Entrance to be generally via the gate at the end of THE DRIVE. The gate will be fitted with a combination padlock. Combination for the year will be given with your membership.

USE OF LOCK -  Enter correct combination number, reading from left to right, Once entered squeeze shackle back to the base and release, lock will fall open. To re-lock jumble numbers and snap shut. Combination number will be displayed in the annual paper counterpart licence.

(v)  No lines under 8lb (3.6kg) breaking strain to be used on the 2nd pond as this is a "Specimen Water" only, you must be in possession of a suitable unhooking mat and a specimen sized landing net with a minimum arm length or diameter of 24 inches must be assembled and to hand. When roaming between swims, if it is the intention to weigh fish caught, anglers should carry scales and a suitable weigh sling with them around the pond.

19.  Springbok Lakes Alfold

(i)  Would members respect Springbok's parking rule, once gear has been unloaded, remove vehicle to overflow car park indicated on map and located behind shed at top of the estate road. Signs will indicate location.

Members must abide by Springbok own rules, as indicated on notice boards.

(ii)  No night Fishing

(iii)  Do not use trees and bushes as toilets, please use facilities provided and these are indicated on map.

(iv)  Unhooking mats must always be used and visible.

(v)  NO floating baits.

(vi)  Please respect the privacy of residents, please refer to general rule 7.

(vii)  Fishing is allowed 12 months of the year.

(viii) Springbok has resident Bailiffs.

(ix)  In an emergency call Main office: 01403 752555

(x)  NO KEEPNETS; except at organized matches.

(xi) No hooks larger than size 10 to be used.


20. Member to enter match by contacting the Match Secretary by 8.00pm on Friday preceding the match. Latecomers may be entered at the discretion of the Match secretary.

21. A whistle to start and finish the match will be given by the Match Secretary. No disturbing the water before the whistle except to wet groundbait, position keepnet or plumb the depth.

22. One rod to be used at any time, other rods may be assembled but not baited. One hook per rod. Barbless hooks are to be used on all matches.

23. When fishing competitions on ALL waters, carp must be kept in a different net to all other species.

24. An optional pools is to be paid before draw is made, or before peg is given to late arrival, failure to do so will exclude from pools. When prize money is paid out:  If 10 or more competitors have entered into the pools then 1st,2nd & 3rd may be paid out, between 6 & 9, 1st & 2nd and 5 or less competitors, 1st only.

25. If venue is unfishable, Match secretary shall decide an alternative venue or date.

26. Matches of 10 or more anglers should be pegged down. If 9 or less anglers are present the match will be a walk off, all decisions will be at the discretion of the Match Secretary or Deputy. On still waters fish on your peg, on rivers roam between your pegs and next peg downstream. Courtesy and good manners should be shown to fellow competitors.

27. Any competitors playing a fish at the finishing whistle is allowed 15 minutes to land the fish.

28. Matches to be fished ALL-IN  except for Pike & trout.

29. Any match fished on another club's waters shall be governed by the host club's rules and visiting clubs should abide by ours.

30. Points for matches to be awarded thus:

  • 1st -  8 points
  • 2nd - 7 points
  • 3rd - 6 points
  • 4th - 5 points
  • 5th - 4 points
  • 6th - 3 points
  • 2 points for a weigh-in
  • 1 point for blanks at the weigh-in

NOTE - Points for competitions will be awarded up to 31st March

31. Any team which is over subscribed shall not count for points.

32. Wading in NOT permitted in competitions. Pike will only count at the Pike match.


The W.A.Pullum Memorial Trophy is awarded at the end of the season for the most points awarded during matches, see rule 30 on previous page. Please note only matches run on a Sunday will count for points.

We award specimen trophies for the following species:

  • CARP - The John Surman Cup
  • TENCH - The Peter Sprake Memorial Trophy
  • BREAM - The Argentine Bream Cup
  • PERCH - Specimen Perch Cup - B.Lade
  • CHUB - The Wey Angling Amalgamation Cup

Refer to Rule 12 for guidelines.

Finally we award a Shield for the heaviest Weight during a competition.


Exchange tickets are available from the bailiff for :

  • Petersfield & District Angling Society
  • Shamley green Angling Society
  • Guildford Angling Society
  • Horsham & District Angling Society

Should other exchange tickets become available the bailiff will hold these and the membership will be informed via the Cranleigh web-site.


All claims must be made to the Treasurer , David Hall.


Guest permits available for All waters expect Springbok where a £6.00 day ticket can be purchased from the resident Bailiff.

  • Senior Guests £6.00 each ( max. 2 guests per member)
  • Junior Guests £ 3.00 each( Max. 2 Juniors per adult member, 1 Junior Guest per Junior Member)
  • Night fishing (Fri & Sat nights - Fishery only)  £5.00 per night, senior members only and must be booked in advance.

Guest tickets must be booked and paid for in advance either from Cranleigh Bait Services or Pets Pantry. Alternatively POSTAL APPLICATIONS ONLY may be in advance to the Bailiff, Derek Buxton.

Please Note -



This is a special facility available to limited numbers of seniors only and is in addition to the normal night fishing facility.

Permit Holders please note:

(i) No more than four anglers per night, with the exception of Friday and saturday nights.

(ii) Friday and Saturday nights will still be available to all other members at a cost of £5.00. These will be given priority with more anglers being allowed to fish.

(iii) All nights must be booked in advance but only up to a maximum of one week in advance. This to be done with the Head Bailiff so that a check can be kept on numbers fishing.

Any person found blatantly breaking these rules will be liable to dismissal from the club.