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To apply for membership please can we ask you to download the attached PDF document (by clicking on the icon below) and print-off a copy. Please send the completed form, complete with a suitably sized envelope with an appropriate stamp affixed, to the address below.
  1. The form will contain current membership costs
  2. Our fishing season runs from 1st June until 31st March the following year; however this is for The Fishery alone.
  3. All other still-waters will enjoy fishing for 12 months of the year!
  4. Any rivers that we might secure in the future would however require the traditional closed season observing from the 15th March until 15th June, inclusive.

To download the 2020-2021 membership application form in PDF format, please click on the icon below

Cranleigh Angling membership form

Send completed application form to:

Sharon Potts – Membership Secretary
The Cranleigh Angling Society
7, Wren Crescent
North Bersted, Bognor Regis
West Sussex PO22 9BZ

Please Note:

1. Do not send until after 1st May; PLEASE CHECK NEWS PAGE FOR CORONA VIRUS UPDATES!
2. If you wish to contact Springbok, please do not contact us, instead contact Springbok direct on 01403 752 555, Day tickets may be purchased by the Springbok bailiff's that patrol the pond or from the estate office located within the main building, Sachel Court.